So i think the new PBTT is a bit slow, definitely not as aggressive as previous albums but I think that’s what they intended. It’s personal and sincere. I think I like it a lot, but that’s because I really appreciate the band in general. I don’t know, I think I have to listen to it a few times to like it more. I do miss their old passionate yells, but no one says a band has to continue that same style plus the instrumentals are pretty much the same anyway. I like Kyle’s vocals. I think people will just have to understand that their progression is for themselves as a band and as people. 

Bringing some color into my normal black attire

You have great eyebrow game


Thank you so much!! They’re very important to me



(ps aliciaraquel is the best for always cutting my hair at the dark hours of the night)

I actually really like the new Transit…

Media cinema? So is that like movie administration or


Yeah, so I write screenplays and idealistically, I wanna write for film or tv but obviously that’s not the easiest thing to do so while I make my short films and pursue my passion/hobby, realistically, doing PR for film production would make sense and could help me out in the long run. So Media Cinema is in the communication school but I get to take classes in the Digital Cinema school too. I’m just tryna to do what I love and make sense of it. 

You're majoring in advertisement?


No, I’m a Media Cinema major which is essentially film and communications and I want to add on PR as a minor but I don’t even know if that’s an option. But I really just want to add on creative writing but uggggggh.

I really want to add Creative Writing as a minor but I know I should figure out a way of I could add PR or advertising because that would help me with my future n job and stuff but UGH I JUST WANNA WRITE

Saves The Day | In Reverie

Was I dreaming when I knew you? I don’t know.
So once again I swim in reverie
without your love
so long ago I can’t remember now
where we began

(Source: fireproofhearts)