the deconstruction of my favorite song

There are certain guitar riffs that bring me home,
happy places that I’ve spent time in as a child,
nostalgic throbs of unforgettable moments.

There are certain songs that remind me of the autumn season,
drinking apple cider and laughing with people I thought I’d remain close to,
the times when enjoying life seemed effortless,
when I didn’t need to put thought into my actions.

There are certain drum beats that thump in the same rhythm as my heart,
it reminds me of when I lost myself in a trance to you,
seduced by your breath, 
I felt my whole body vibrate to the drumming of your fingers on my temple,
the same pattern that matches my heartbeat. 

There are certain lyrics that puncture through me,
as if they were aimed towards me, as if the writer knew it was coming,
as if they had planned it out, 
put a mark on my head, and shot straight at me,
they always send me back to memories that I struggle to avoid,
they always provide me with memories that haven’t happened yet,
I struggle to avoid those too. 

i think we’re just gonna have to be secretly in love with each other, and leave it at that, richie.

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The Honeydips - No Shirt, No Shoes

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We’re excited to premiering a new music video from The Honeydips, shot by Alissa Reynolds. Their self-titled EP released today through Known Pleasure Records and will appeal to fans of FIDLAR, Best Coast, and Wavves. Check out the full EP here, order a cassette here, and watch the music video after clicking read more!

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you going to write a poem about rainy chicago now? hahaha



oddly i find a rainy chicago day to be happy. theres more life in nature intertwined inbetween metal buildings and concrete slabs. I only see on tv or in movies the impression of rainy metropolitan cities as sad.


Holy shit I love that. I love that so much.

Sad city

Chicago is sad today

Chicago is sad today

Goddamnit. I would've loved you tonight. Life is so unfair.


Welp. Present yourself to meeee